New Firmware, New Features: 0.9.1

It's like Christmas, except if Christmas were in August and Santa is the Connect App with a new firmware to update your Atlas 2. Firmware version 0.9.1 brings a whole new range of functions to the Atlas 2. From an automatic backlight to an endless array of new screen arrangements, every sailor is certain to find a new function on the A2 that they'll love on the water. Want to learn more? Read about some of the updates below. If you're an existing user, use the latest version of the Vakaros Connect App to update your Atlas 2!


IMG_6938New Widgets                     

The number of possible screen layouts on your Atlas 2 is now in the billions. Seriously, we aren't kidding. Add wind, speed, depth, and water temperature sensors, and the list you see here gets even longer. 

With these upgrades, the Atlas 2 allows you to tailor your sailing experience to exactly the specs you desire. If you're cruising, display windspeed, heading, and depth from a transducer. When you get to a buoy race, dial into your heel angle, Distance to Line, and more. The best part is, you can easily create multiple displays and switch between them effortlessly.

All of these widgets can be placed into a number of different layouts, from a large, hi-visibility 40mm display with two widgets to a three row, four-widget layout. 





Backlight Updates

We've always supported a backlight on the Atlas 2, but until now, it had to be turned on and off manually through the Connect App. Now, you can set your Atlas 2 to automatically activate a red backlight. The A2's built-in light sensor will recognize the conditions and apply the backlight if the environment is dark enough. If not, the backlight will remain off to conserve battery.  

The red light protects your night-vision while keeping all your data highly visible. This opens up an even wider range of possibilities for night sailing with the Atlas 2, and paired with our ultrasonic wind sensor and DST-810 transducer, makes the A2 a prime pick for distance racing!



We've always offered a time-to-line function, but now you can display time-to-burn on your unit. This metric tells you how early you would reach the start line, and is used as a key starting indicator for top teams from boats as small as the J/70 all the way to the America's Cup. 


Prone MountingIMG_4562-2

The Atlas 2 now offers an option to be mounted flat on the deck of any boat or board. This means that Moths, iQ Foils, and more, will be able to seamlessly fix the Atlas 2 to their platform and receive accurate heel, trim, and compass readouts.

To activate this feature, view your A2 in the Connect App, select 'Orientation' and choose 'Prone' mode. This Bieker Moth is one of many boats that will benefit from being able to mount their A2 flat on the deck!


Performance Improvements

Every day, we hear from customers with ideas of how to streamline Vakaros products. We try to integrate those ideas, along with bug fixes, into each new firmware and software release. One amazing feature in 0.9.1 is a compass calibration mode which allows users to calibrate their compass anywhere. If your unit comes too close to a strong magnet, it may lose its calibration: this eliminates that risk of being stuck with a faulty compass. 

We've also released fixes for LED shift tracking and added color inversion for all widgets. These updates may seem small but will add significantly to the performance of the A2. Do you have a feature you'd like to see built out? Leave a comment and we will pass along the info to our development team!

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