Power Performance with Live Load Data on Atlas 2 Instruments



Performance is an Exact Science with Cyclops Wireless Load Sensors and Vakaros Atlas 2 Displays

Atlas 2, the innovative all-in-one wireless sailing display for smaller boats, revolutionises the on-the-water instrument experience. With incredible accuracy, Atlas 2 provides compass readings to a 10th of  a degree, measures position in centimetres, and features sophisticated starting screens with exact distance and time-to-line measurements, as well as precise heel and trim angles…

However, the most essential variable that the instrument cannot give you (by itself) is performance-critical load data from across the rig. That’s where Cyclops wireless load sensors come in. Quickly and easily installed, Cyclops sensors can be used for monitoring soft lines or for standing rigging.

Cyclops devices now connect via Bluetooth directly to Atlas 2, displaying load readings second-by-second in high resolution. This is a game-changer for sailors using the pairing, as it empowers them to put an exact number to their rig settings, narrowing down on optimal speed at specific angles and in certain conditions, with all of that performance power centralised in the Atlas 2. 

If you have a good day on the water, taking a look at your Cyclops number on the Atlas 2 will tell you precisely which rig settings are helping you excel. If you’re then struggling to find the same gear another day, it’s just a matter of hitting that number again to reach peak performance. All data is also logged in the Vakaros app to take away, analyse, and refine. 

Both tech innovations pride themselves on delivering powerful, practical, wireless solutions that drive both pros and ordinary weekend sailors to the cutting edge, with simple, intuitive data, and no lengthy set-up or preparation. 

Make no mistake, this is the future of dinghy and sportsboat sailing at every level.  

To celebrate this new integration, Vakaros is offering an introductory 5% off the total cost of selected Cyclops sensors & the Atlas 2 when purchased together. 

Take advantage of this deal today at: https://vakaros.com/collections/all

Explore Cyclops technology: https://www.cyclopsmarine.com/#products

…or if you’re at the United States Sailboat show in Annapolis go and check out the Vakaros stand (Tent F 6 / Tent F 7) for a demonstration!


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